When to Pack

21st of March, 2023

You have decided to sell, but the thought of packing your home up can be daunting, especially if you have lived in the same property for many years.

It is well known that a property sells more readily when it looks and feels like a home, rather than just bricks and mortar, so it could be argued that you shouldn’t start packing until you have actually found a buyer.

However, many people find that much of the stress of moving can be reduced if they start to prepare for the move early in the sale process and there are additional benefits. Ideally start in the attic and eves, garden sheds and garages. These areas of storage usually contain many dated or unwanted items from baby clothes to university books, decide what you wish to retain and what can be disposed of. Condense loose items and pack them into boxes and remember to label the boxes as you pack.

Whilst a property certainly needs to look lived in, an overly cluttered house can be off-putting. It is important that the buyer can see themselves living there, not just you! You might well consider thinning your furnishings and placing some larger items into a storage facility to ensure your home looks spacious and at its best.

A reasonable compromise is to take advantage of having time on your side and start to pack items which are either cluttering or otherwise unseen. This would include surplus children’s toys, photographs, books, clothes and contents of cupboards which can be packed into boxes and then stored back into cupboards. Careful planning and preparations at this stage will not only assist your house sale but will also reduce your stress levels when it comes to moving day.

Charity shops are a great way of lightening your load whilst making your storage areas neat, which in turn reflects well on your property overall. A visit to your local Auction House can prove to be a lucrative alternative.

Once you have exchanged contracts then you can really go to work on your packing. It is important to use quality strong boxes which can be sealed. Professional removal companies can supply a diverse range of trade materials. Boxes, wardrobe cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap and mattress covers are all available for purchase and will assist you in packing all your treasured possessions. Alternatively for a total stress free removal request a full packing service. An experienced team of removal packers can pack the contents of most houses in a single day and will ensure an easier and more relaxed experience on your moving day.